In Search of Returns

see url There has been plenty of media comment in the past few years about investors being disappointed in the returns that traditional investments are providing them - this has contributed to a dramatic rise in the popularity of student housing as a mainstream asset class. PBSH offers income and capital growth at levels higher than other real estate classes, its enduring fundamentals completing a compelling storyline.

Mega-investors are buying scale

fille cherche roux Over $35billion has been committed in cross border, large-scale deals since 2015, signifying the obvious appeal that yield-hungry investors are finding in student housing. Rising demand on an unprecedented scale for higher education is driving demand for modern accommodation in a similar vein.

go site However, yield compression will drive investors towards less mature markets, opening up opportunities where student numbers are in a similar escalation pattern.

Broadening Access ist stockpair legal These mega-deals though, have served to shut-out professional investors without the resources to buy scale. The need for risk-managed, sustainable returns are the same, but their inability to commit to multi-billion dollar deals should not be a barrier to their aspirations. Through Studivest, smaller professional investors now have access to investment opportunities in mature and up-and-coming regions of the World where tried-and-tested business models can work equally as well for them.

More about PBSH Few asset classes have come to the fore in such a dramatic way as Purpose-Built Student Housing over the past few years.  No longer a niche or fringe investment, its lack of economic correlation and bounty of compelling benefits, means it has been pushed into the mainstream.  However, yield compression will drive returns-driven investors towards less mature markets, opening up new opportunities where student numbers are in a similar escalation pattern.

student reading

More about PBSH Students themselves are also demanding higher standards of accommodation, close to their universities and colleges, where all the amenities and facilities they need are provided. Safe and comfortable environments are the new norm particularly for students from abroad and who may be leaving home for the first time.  Parents want to know their children are in secure lodgings where utilities are included, repairs made to fittings promptly and someone always on-hand if help or assistance is needed. University life is exciting and challenging – good accommodation is a key element to making the experience complete.

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