Who is Studivest

Here is a short introduction to Studivest, who we are and what we do. As you can see, we are passionate about Purpose-Built Student Housing (PBSH) and we want to share as many opportunities with as many different investors as possible. Until it's no longer just for the "Big Boys". 

European Student Accommodation Roundup: Italy

Here we take a look at Bella Italia for some of the up and coming projects in development as well as future opportunities in this "Dark Horse" of a market.

European Student Accommodation Roundup: Germany

Germany is a powerhouse economy of Europe but what about PBSH opportunities? Wonder no more!

European Student Accommodation Roundup: Poland

Poland is one of Studivest's favourite markets for PBSH opportunities and in this video, we take a more indepth look as to why it excites us so much.


Here we take a closer look at Purpose-Built Student Housing (PBSH also known as PBSA.) Why has it become such an attractive investment opportunity, particularly among other real estate investments?

6 of the Best!

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Here we look at 6 of the best reasons why PBSH is a good investment.

Emerging Europe!

When you think of PBSH, the UK, US and Australian markets are probably the first ones that come to mind. However, the CEE region is coming into its own. Check out why.

Mellstock & Studivest on tour!

We had a busy few months attending some of the biggest Student Housing conferences and here, we have collated the biggest snippets that we learned.