The next Big Idea is to Think Small….

frau sucht mann glarus As the World’s major cities continue to receive their influx of new citizens, driven ever-urban by the excitement and convenience provided by city-dwelling. The Big Question is, where will they live? It seems the Big Idea that will answer that question is, in fact, to Think Small.

opcje binarne złotówki A desire to live close to work and study or just where your chosen lifestyle takes you, has always called people towards large towns and cities. That is increasingly the case as the amenities and convenience continue to be a major draw for many. Forecasters talk of “megacities” with soaring populations in to tens of millions. Unfortunately though, affording that luxury is becoming increasingly difficult as the costs associated with a “pad” in town are rising steadily. This is resulting in a trade-off – location but at a price. For some the price is increasing numbers of Pounds, Dollars or Euros per square metre. For others, it’s electing to choose a compact living space where home may be as little as 20 square metres – that’s a little over 200 square feet.

site rencontre japon It’s not just a cost consideration that is pushing people to move into “Micro Apartments”, or “Micro Living”, it’s the simple fact that some people’s aspirations are now more towards where they live, rather than how.

rencontre oran dz No longer needing parking for expensive cars, storage space for a personal music collection or library, Micro-Livers are increasingly seeing the appeal of Thinking Small.

quebec meilleur site de rencontre No shortage of providers More real estate investors and developers have spotted the growing trend towards Micro or Co-Living in large cities. This is where traditional rented apartments are prohibitively-priced, and more economical yet stylishly-finished Micro Apartments are attracting young professionals and essential workers, leading to more properties being built to meet demand.

rencontre des femmes handicapа“ТЉes Studivest has been watching this development for some time now and has close links with a number of developers with built-in flexibility to accommodate Micro-living and/or Student Housing in popular locations. follow link Read our article on the topic here. This growing trend will only expand as more city dwellers discover this new lifestyle. PIE-Mag published an interesting article on the topic earlier this year and it makes for interesting reading.

Read their article here: and then contact Studivest if you’d like to know more about the opportunities we have available.