Student Housing is now firmly a feature of European Real Estate The recent EXPO REAL in Germany earlier this month saw evidence of growing interest in Student Housing as investors, developers and other interested parties gathered in Munich. Student Housing’s enduring fundamentals of sustainable returns, high demand and supply imbalances continue to attract attention.

click Student Housing is also regarded as “recession proof”, as discussed by Student Marketing’s Stefan Kolibar on PropertyEU’s TV Channel and as featured at EXPO REAL, in his short video which also discusses other compelling drivers.

source The video can be viewed via this link:

here Student Marketing’s CEO Samuel Vetrak also told a PropertyEU Investment Briefing in London recently: ‘International students are the future, the numbers of domestic students are decreasing, due to demographic trends, but that decline is more than compensated by the increase in foreign students targeting continental Europe.’ recherche site pour rencontre amicale Niche investment no more

enter After a dramatic few years of unprecedented growth in the UK, Purpose-Built Student Housing (PBSH) is now firmly climbing out of its niche investment status and heading for the big league in Continental Europe. Institutional investors are now highly active in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain with central and eastern Europe increasingly coming into view. The asset class’ consistency as a source of sustainable returns and potential for solid capital growth on the back of that, is attracting growing attention, especially as other sectors begin to lose their lustre.

source site Compressed yields in other Real Estate types will surely tempt investors towards the new kid on the block that already has a report card in the US and the UK that any student would be proud of. Record transaction levels in the UK in 2015/16 saw institutions paying premium prices to snap up multi-thousand bed portfolios across the nation’s capital and other provincial centres. Since then, rising numbers of foreign students, growing numbers of English-taught courses and governmental support, has seen European countries growing their Knowledge Economies strongly. This should bring with it rising demand for modern, connected and convenient accommodation.

source CEE steps up

Inevitably, central and eastern Europe are next-in-line to attract investors’ excitement with Warsaw, Prague and Brno currently having Provision Rates below 5% (source: Student Marketing). Growing numbers of foreign students accepting places and more demand from domestic students no longer willing to accept outmoded, poor quality shared dormitory-style housing. This will require heavy inward investment in the next few years.

go Affordability

Affordability is another factor that will support Central and Eastern Europe in growing its Knowledge Economies and PBSH stock. Tuition fees, living and accommodation costs are much lower in central and eastern Europe. As the debate about student debt and the cultural change that it may create continues, many new university course applicants will like what the region has to offer. August educational establishments, English-taught courses and modern, convenient and safe housing will be a draw for those wishing to keep their debt burden as low as possible.

Investors are increasingly spotting the growing opportunity in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and other countries and the “Early Movers” into these regions should be handsomely rewarded as capital values grow and investment yields provide strong returns for the foreseeable future.