Yield Compression

Higher yields have attracted institutions to PBSH, paying premiums to acquire scale. These huge deals indicate the sector's growing importance as a global asset class. Yield compression is already happening in prime locations, buying scale mitigates that effect but has in its own way, created a further problem. Smaller investors are being priced out of the mature markets and returns-driven investors are seeking new frontiers.

New Opportunities

Frontier and emerging markets in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East provide new opportunities. These developing markets have tremendous potential for both capital and income growth and are ripe for expansion.

In Europe some countries have seen growth in enrolment higher than the US and the UK due to strong national demand and growing international student mobility.

Emerging Europe

European countries have begun to spot the increasing international opportunities; the significant benefit of English-taught courses is not lost on these countries as they seek to capture more market share.

The Netherlands and Germany are amongst the leaders in this field but Sweden and Poland are catching up fast. A European Degree continues to be a much favoured route to Higher Education on the international front, however the costs of achieving that qualification are now coming into focus.

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Where is the smart money going?

Whilst European Universities are coming into their own, costs are a concern for many - even though US, UK and Australia are far and away the most expensive regions in which to study globally. This bodes well for Emerging Europe which provides high quality Higher Education in some of the Continent's most highly respected establishments at even lower costs.

Emerging Europe comes out of the shadows

New opportunities particularly for smaller investors are growing in Emerging Eastern and Central Europe. Dynamic new economies are marked by their potential for exploitation. EU Development funds of 370Billion Euros have flowed into Eastern Europe since 2007 and the economies are standing out as offering new opportunities for international investment. Increasing number of English taught courses, lower living and tuition costs are a magnet for UK, EU and non-EU students alike.

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