Micro-living – not just for Millennials?

http://cabinetbrassens.fr/59217-aggrenox-cost.html Drivers of change in housing models are actually growing in number.  More people are becoming renters these days, but it is not just financial constraint that is causing the change. Savills latest Spotlight: Global Living has some interesting observations.

you could try these out  In Anglophone communities, traditionally bastions of the home ownership model, the proportion of the population that now rent is growing – German-speaking countries (DE, A and CH), have traditionally tended to err towards renting rather than owning – but the gap between the two has closed in recent years.

http://educatedangler.com/dwonwik/nired/3299 What is becoming evident though, is that the soaring costs of home ownership are not the only cause of the rise in renting – for many it is a lifestyle choice as they prefer a more freestyle way of living, swapping “settling down” for mobility where their aspirations to enjoy exploring new cultures and a more mobile way of working and living are accommodated.

http://bankesfamily.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://bankesfamily.com/2015/04/jounee-porte-ouverte-club-ecrins-snowboard/  And further to this, it is not just younger people choosing to live this way.  Older, mature “empty-nesters” who wish to stay close to their adult children who are themselves “globetrotting” and taking advantage of flexible residential models, are now seeking an urban-centric lifestyle with its amenities and community.

you can try these out  This mix of old and young, well-to-do and financially constrained, is now leading developers and investors to take a rebooted view of the broader privately rented sector.  Within that, it may be that Micro or Co-Living could offer all ages something that suits their life choices, their budget and their personal preferences.

look these up  Having seen how Student Housing has transformed itself from a niche to a mainstream asset class within a decade, investors are now taking heart that their quest for sustainable, consistent income streams could be available in a much broader mix of willing tenants than they had ever imagined.

himplasia buy online  Alternative forms of accommodation are now coming into view to suit these changing social and demographic trends and there seems to be no shortage of new developers and investors eyeing up the possibilities.

 Savills Spotlight 2018 – Global Living

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