Mellstock Studivest: On the Road – 2019

This year, the Mellstock Studivest team are dusting off their passports for another round of regional visits.  Our focus for Q1 is the Student Housing “think tank” The Class of 2020, fast-becoming the go-to source for all things Student Housing.


The quality of presentations and networking opportunities make these sessions an essential part of our schedule so we look forward to seeing old and new friends in:


  • London 26th February


  • Valencia 21st March


  • Warsaw 9th April


We are very much looking forward to these events which are being held in these important locations, themselves very much at the heart of the Student Housing sector in Europe.


London is the flagship in the UK’s mature Student Housing scene and it never fails to amaze with its enduring popularity amongst investors.  There is always room for more in London provided careful attention is paid to location and adjacent universities.


Valencia, Spain’s third largest city, plays host to the Spanish regional session.  The country has fast-become of special interest to investors, and cities outside of Madrid and Barcelona are very much in focus.  Granada, Seville, Malaga and Valencia itself are high on the agenda.


Warsaw is of special interest to us as we have been watching developments there very closely for quite some time.  We have a soft spot for CEE countries as their long history of high-quality higher education coupled with affordability, makes an interesting combination for international students seeking a European degree.


We hope to see you there!


For more information on Class of 2020, see highlights from one of their reports on Italy here, or take a look at their website :