Japanese students flock to Canada and the Philippines

Citing Japanese employers’ demands for higher levels of English-language proficiency, ICEF Monitor reports that both Canada and the Philippines have seen increases in recruitment of students from Japan.

The Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS) in its 2018 academic year survey, also reported that Japanese students are looking further afield for learning destinations than in previous years.

There are also signs they are showing a growing preference to remain within the Asia region which Malaysia and Singapore gaining interest.

The US (22%), Australia (20%) and Canada (17%) remain as top three destinations but only Canada saw an increase in Japanese student acceptances with a rise of 9% over the year before. Malta and Ireland have also seen a bump in numbers from the country. US immigration policy changes are proposed as the reason there was a softening in demand from Japan.

Meanwhile, the Philippines is advancing its case as a top provider to Japan and is expected to displace Canada and Australia by leapfrogging to the number two slot – it has already pushed out the UK recently by taking its number four position.

Overall just over 200,000 Japanese students venture abroad each year, mostly studying language, while the country has set its own inward student targets and seems certain to meet its goal of 300,000 foreign students by 2020.

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