Corestate buys UK’s CRM Students for GBP17million – What could it mean for CEE?

Using its own cash flow resources, Luxembourg-based Corestate Capital Holding S.A. has acquired the UK’s largest independent student housing operator, CRM Students Ltd for approximately GBP17 million.  This deal pushes Corestate’s assets under management to EUR25 billion and creates a portfolio of 30,000 beds as CRM’s 23,000 beds joins their family of brands.


Acquiring CRM provides Corestate with access to the UK market whilst complementing their own expertise in micro-living with CRM’s advisory, marketing and management services.  Under their YOUNIQ, LinkedLiving and Upartments brands, Corestate is already active in the student housing, services apartments and business apartments sectors in Germany.


This bold move by Corestate enhances their profile in the international student housing segment and confirms their ambitions as stated by CEO Dr. Michael Bütter who said: “We are aiming to become Europe’s leading provider for micro-living and student accommodation, a market that is growing dynamically. We are already holding the top position in Germany. By acquiring CRM, we are bringing a prominent international partner on board.”


Western Europe and the UK maintain their positions as key pieces in the global game of chess that Student Housing has become in recent years.  New markets are opening-up in other regions such as Central and Eastern Europe, and Studivest is very much behind promoting those countries.  Early Movers may find themselves in a very advantageous position as yield-hungry investors eye opportunities further afield in the next year or two.


Moves such as the CRM acquisition could be helpful signs as to where to consider investing in the shorter term – today’s infant markets in Poland, Czechia and other CEE countries could be tomorrow’s maturing markets and major pieces in the game, having gained some serious value in the meantime.