CBRE Investor Intentions Survey EMEA shows strong interest in Student Housing

In CBRE annual Investor Intentions Survey they look to quiz a range of Real Estate investors as to their investment intentions for the coming year. In this year’s survey, they have indicated that of the 70% of EMEA investors overall that were planning to invest in Alternative Real Estate classes, once again Student Living came top of the class with 37% saying they were actively planning to pursue acquisition during the upcoming year.

Some 33% of replies indicated they were already invested in Student Housing, closely followed by Real Estate Debt.
Drivers for Alternatives investing included structural changes in demand, higher initial yields and protection against real estate downturns – the latter indicating that many investors perceive there is some lack of correlation between them and more traditional assets.

There were 350 respondents with responsibility for EMEA investments the most numerous of which were fund or asset managers (44%), developers and insurance companies (9% and 8% respectively), with listed property companies, private equity and private individuals close behind at 7%.

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