Australian enrolments show 11% increase to September 2019

Year-on-year enrolment trends sees Australia heading for another year of double-digit growth in foreign student numbers.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education are seeing the highest growth with China and Nepal driving much of the increase. English Language training (ELICOS), saw marginal increases only showing 3% growth.

720,150 students enrolled across various sectors up to September 2019, an 11% increase over the previous year and confirming the country’s place as the second-most popular after the US for study abroad.

Five countries contributed more than half of all international students namely China (28%), India (15%), Nepal (7%), Brazil (4%) and Vietnam (3.5%). The in-flow from China is slowing however, while Indian, Nepalese, Vietnamese and Brazilian students are increasing.

Diversification an important issue

Australian universities currently have higher proportions of Chinese students than any other country in the English-speaking world, and the trend of a slowing pace of Chinese enrolments may prove to be an issue. The broadening diversification to include students from Vietnam, Brazil, South Korea and other countries could be of growing importance to Australia’s education sector.

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