Affordability moves up as a key consideration for new students – ICEF

A new survey published by the ICEF Monitor shows that prospective students are now basing their college choices partly on different factors than their forebears – affordability moves into greater focus.

Previously, the research shows, university rankings and reputation were at the top of the list in students’ decision-making process.  Now, prospective students are citing teaching quality, affordability and then the institution’s ranking as key factors.

international student at computer

Studivest has raised the issue of affordability for comment before.  We are of the view that as international mobility options expand and with Europe capturing a growing share of new student applications, lower living costs are of increasing importance.

The top international study destinations are:

1 United States
2 United Kingdom
3 Canada
4 Australia
5 Germany
6 France
7 Netherlands
8 Sweden
9 Italy (China for undergraduates)
10 Switzerland

European destinations such as Germany and now, Central and Eastern Europe countries such as Poland, are showing significant increases in foreign student acceptances. Rising numbers of English-taught courses is part of that equation with affordability being a key factor in student choice.

Rising student debt is a growing concern and the Augur Report published in the UK recently has suggested lowering fees and reintroducing greater use of grants.  In the US, student debt is becoming a regular topic for discussion with some commentators describing its growing impact as changing the home ownership choices available to graduates in later years.

The full ICEF article can be read here: